We don’t like posing for photos. INTRO post!

Feeling uncomfortable posing for photos?
Not sure where to take your wedding photos?
You just feel that those photos are not necessary in a long run?
Don’t want to have your wedding photos look like mugshots?

Well… You are not alone. Most newlyweds feel this way.

Every once in a while, a bride or groom feel uneasy by the mere thought of having their photos taken by a professional photographer such as myself. Trying to be something you are not, mimicking moves and poses you saw on Instagram posts your friends sent you, feeling uncomfortable displaying affection in front of a stranger with a camera… all those thoughts can be paralyzing when finding yourself in front of a camera. For all those reasons and much more, what is needed of me is to put a huge grin on my face, tell a dirty joke and talk to you about the uniqueness of your love. We’ll talk about the place you first met, where you had your first date or kiss or both, places you felt safe and consider your personal bubble for PDAs. Those places are gold when it comes to having relaxed newlyweds in front of your camera.

Now, this is not me saying you should abandon all Instagram scrolling or cancel your photoshoot. This is me helping you decide why you should let me assist you in overcoming those anxious thoughts.

Bottom line here is that wedding photography cannot be a faceless service.

Wedding day can overwhelm you with emotions and that can be stressful and can put an even bigger strain on you during the photo shoot to let it all go and just be in love, and then there’s me, trying to see past all that so I can capture the groom’s glances at his bride when she is not looking or brides gentle touch while fixing his tie.

If in fact, you feel like this photoshoot is just a waste of time or not worth the hustle, yet after the wedding you see the benefit of taking those photos but now the makeup artist in unavailable, free time is nonexistent… I will surprise you with my own version of a hero moment and present you with candid photos taken during the wedding. These so-called “candid love photos” of the bride & groom solely focused on each other, have saved the day multiple times.

Next few posts will be photos of just such weddings. Enjoy! 🙂

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June 29, 2021

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