The things you do for Love

The things you do for love? Well, for the one you love you would go the distance, you would move mountains and cross seas. 🙂 But, don’t worry about it, most of the time you just have to be there for your partner and support it on his or hers journey through life. When it comes to the photo session you have to be there for your partner not just in presence but it spirit and emotion. With these two I wish I could explain in words just how much they were open to making beautiful photos. There was not one moment where either one of them felt uncomfortable with being emotional in front of me. So if you take something from these photos, it’s not a beautiful dress or well-made suit, it’s not a fairytale background with all the animals, its yuck there I say it, its love! All consuming, never-ending love!

At this point you kind get it what I’m aiming at, true emotion trumps any background or pose or photoshop filter… just be yourself and be in love.

Marijana and Damir made these photos with I wont say it again, but you know what. 🙂 And I thank they from the bottom of my heart. <3


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June 29, 2021

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