Mostly Dutch wedding

Now, when I say mostly Dutch wedding its because “Dutch Japanese Serbian (from Germany) wedding” was too long. :))

This is one of those love trumps all stories. And I love it!

Ayumi is half Dutch and half Japanese and the groom is Serbian but living in Germany. Call me crazy but even for me, this looks a bit complicated. Well let me put your mind at ease, it isn’t, its love, they found each other and made it work. And it’s beautiful!

This wedding was all about celebrating love, honoring tradition and having fun along the way.

This was a first for me, I loved the way Registrar who was performing the marriage ceremony held a speech he made before the wedding. He interviewed the bride and groom over email, asking them how did they meet, do they love each other, etc. He had about 3 pages long speech describing them. And the wonderful thing about that it wasn’t boring, it was funny at times and informing, and after his speech, all the guests were that much closer to them, to their relationship. It was meaningful and I thank him for that. During the ceremony, the wedding couple lighted a candle for all the people that are not with them anymore. Again meaningful. And in the end, it was a tradition that the oldest wedding guest should sign the Registrar book, as it turned out it was the bride’s grandfather. Am I repeating myself, but yes again meaningful and beautiful. Loved it.

The wedding was held in a beautiful restaurant called Brasserie Paardenburg, this historic place dates from 1647. And the service and the food was excellent. I kept finding new corners to take pictures of that place.

Now when you scroll past the photos there is a special thank you video to them, since today they are celebrating one year anniversary! I wish them a happy and long life together. <3

Ayumi and Boris this is for you. <3

Happy one year anniversary!


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June 29, 2021

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