Summer wedding – Duška & Darko

Well, I’ve been looking forward to getting back to my blog and showcasing my work.
Right from the start Im always seeing the unknown in the eyes of the future bride and groom. Not knowing what service they are hiring would scare me too, it’s not like Im a control freak but somehow I need to know that when I choose someone to provide me a service I want to be sure I will be taken care of. It’s my duty to ease them with all the relevant information, I will always go one step further and try to explain to them just how the wedding day usually looks, how much time is needed for every part of the wedding, but at the same time will listen to their wants and needs, because at the end of the day no two weddings are the same. Also, on the other side I as a photographer need to know that they feel comfortable with me. Wedding photography is deeply personal and unique and I need to show just who they are, their love, love for the family and friends and equally the love they receive from their family and friends . That being said this wedding was a barrel of fun! You can see the day turn in to the night, the official ceremony and cocktails before sundown and the mad party after that. I just can’t stress enough how music is the life of the wedding party, and everything else along with my service falls second place compared to a music band and boy where they good! Balkan Ekspres Bend went with great club music even some hardcore Rammstein song Du Hast followed by Prodigy… I know…you just have to trust me that it worked like magic having the groom jumping like mad with his friends (see photo bellow).

For me life is about joy and joys events. Celebrating love and commitment is one of the life defining moments.  <3

Enjoy the photos below and comment me which photo you liked best? 🙂


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June 29, 2021

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