Let's start with - Why weddings?

Photography is such a vast field, and it is easy to get lost in it.

So why did I choose weddings? Well, apart from shooting weddings, I love child photography, l.o.v.e. it! A kid looks at you honestly and he either likes you or not.

Raw emotion is so hard to see nowadays since we all have our busy lives, and true emotion has become a commodity.

And if there’s one place where people lower their guard and just let their emotions flow, it’s at weddings.

This raw emotion of happiness mixed with natural light is the essence of my work.

So that fact right there makes me tingly and gives me the drive forward, always provoking me to make that next shot and enjoy every single moment of my job.


Things You Need to Know About Me:

As you can clearly see from Exhibit A on your left, I have two Loves in my life. #blessed This is Sophie, just teaching Dijana and me how to truly enjoy life. I love them both very much, they put up with me.

Apart from that, I'm just an average Joe who loves a good Italian pizza, nice movie, and a good mountain bike ride. But most of all, I love to travel, and for me that is the best way to enrich your life.
This awesome photo was made by my super talented friend Jovana Tomasevic. Go check her out (https://jovanatomasevic.com/)

Why choose me?

Okay now, let’s get deeply personal and it’s only fair because, on your wedding day, I will meet the most important people in your life.
I was an only child, a boy in a family made up of women only. There was  my mother, an architect, my grandmother, a tailor (she  also did wedding gowns), and my aunt, who  loved me like I was her own child. I was given unconditional love, and everything I am, I owe to these three women.

My mother gave me the passion for photography. She spent 20 years traveling and taking pictures. But the love for raw emotions was inspired by my grandma. One particular day will stay forever etched in my memory; I was sitting quietly in grandma’s studio as customers were coming in to try out the dresses she had made, and there was this soft light falling through a small window in the somewhat dark studio. I looked at her huge tailor mirror, and in that mirror, I could catch each customer’s emotion – this unique emotion when people are getting ready for something joyous, happiness mixed with hope. I was maybe 7 years old at the time but right then, I knew I wanted to keep capturing that perfect moment for the rest of my life.